These companies support us:



Rolls-Royce Deutschland Ltd & Co KG

Rolls-Royce Deutschland has been committed to social return since July 2014 and has been supporting us significantly in setting up the aviation workshop with furniture, tool trolleys, machines and tools. Rolls-Royce has established a close cooperation between the training department of Rolls-Royce and the aviation workshop, from which the young people on both sides benefit.Rolls-Royce provides our young people with career orientation in real working life through trial days and internships.

Volunteers from Rolls-Royce support us in technically demanding projects and in the area of work safety.

“Why we support the Fliegerwerkstatt”, Stefan Wriege – Communications Manager:
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Stiftung Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin
Thanks to our volunteer Günter Hujer, several exciting projects with exhibits from the German Museum of Technology have come about. Among other things, our young people have restored a Fokker triplane, which may remain on permanent loan in the Fliegerwerkstatt.


PIXEL:READY; has programmed our websites of the social return foundation and in WordPress. The regular maintenance of both sites is provided by the company free of charge for us.



Krauss GmbH

Krauss GmbH took on our first participant as an apprentice and successfully trained him as a process mechanic for surface coating technology.


Trainico GmbH

The Trainico GmbH offers our young people many opportunities to orient oneself professionally. Visits to the Trainico training workshop make it possible to experience training and demonstrate the career opportunities offered by aircraft technology! Individuals can gain experience through internships to help them choose a career. Information events regularly inform about the range of training and further education measures.



Project Funding

Our project “Construction of a Flight Simulator” was supported by



The Pfefferwerk Foundation supports the aviation workshop with project funds.

With the financial support of the Pfefferwerk Foundation, the Fliegerwerkstatt was able to purchase additional tools and machines, for example. This became necessary due to the increasing number of participants, in order to enable the young people to work at the same time.


As part of the experimental fund, the Tempelhof-Schöneberg Department of Youth Welfare supports new project ideas such as ‘mask play’ or ‘sewing upcycling’.


Project Cooperations



As part of the project “Practical trials for refugee youths”, we work together with Berlin secondary schools, grammar schools and upper school centres – in cooperation with Arbeit & Bildung e.V. and the Institute for Productive Learning in Europe (IPLE), funded by the Senate Department for Youth, Education and Family.


The project “Construction of a flight simulator” was realised in cooperation with and under the technical direction of Aviare.


School Cooperations