Fliegerwerkstatt on Board!

For the second time, the Fliegerwerkstatt goes on a sailing tour. 14 teenager and four instructors started the tour from the Ijsselmeer to the North Sea on Friday.

Arrival by train to Holland:

The first impressions of the tour:

Workshop with the Berlin Daimler Team

Together with nine employees of the Daimler sales division in Berlin, we have built two large mobile benches and a raised bed for our inner courtyard. Soon we will be able to harvest our vegetables from our own raised bed for cooking.

Many thanks to Mrs. Schwarz and her team!

Fliegerwerkstatt contributes to the Festival of the Airlift

For the Airlift Festival on May 12, 2019, the Fliegerwerkstatt was commissioned to build the interior of Hangar 5. ‘Hangar 5 – Understand Airlift’ dealt with the concrete afterlife of the Airlift and the Berlin reality of life during this time. Seven four-metre long transport crates, which served as counters for the exhibitors, as well as a living room furnished with typical decor of the time, were reconstructed by the young people. The production took place in the aircraft workshop.

The assembly was completed on site. With our new transport trolley the long side walls could be moved from yard 1 into hangar 5.

For the living room an original window was lent and wallpaper in the style of the 40’s was selected.

On the feast day itself our young people volunteered on the Tempelhofer Feld. Through these joint activities everyone gets to know each other better and better, regardless of which group and with what motivation they come to the airplane workshop in everyday life.

The common outfit is for all an important part of the feeling of togetherness.

Cooperation Project with THF.VISION

The citizens’ initiative THF.VISION develops ideas and concepts for a sustainable use of the airport building. We produced the equipment for their location in the Torhaus on Columbiadamm.

Design students of the THF.VISION team designed stacking stools, tables, shelves and a mobile counter. Together with our young people, cutting plans were drawn up according to the designs and slabs cut, milled, sanded and glued. The material comes exclusively from recycled trade fair components.


After four days of working together, the goal was achieved: a joint project with many positive experiences for the young people and adults – and a finished facility!

Christmas Anticipation

Even though many young people of the Fliegerwerkstatt do not celebrate Christmas due to cultural reasons, our Christmas party was a nice end of the year with homemade biscuits and sightseeing flights over Berlin!
Together with our Captain Holger Litzenberg, the Young Pilots organised a flight hour in our simulator for everyone, followed by a small competition.

Baking and cooking were carried out in advance for the Christmas party.



We wish you

Merry and Peaceful Christmas

and a good start into the New Year!

The Fliegerwerkstatt as Event Location

The business network Großbeerenstraße celebrated its 10th anniversary in the Fliegerwerkstatt. More than 200 entrepreneurs and guests experienced a varied program.

(Foto: Königs-Fotografie)

Special Guided Tour through Tempelhof Airport

A connoisseur of the former central airport gave the students of the Alfred-Nobel-Schule a very special insight into the building: they went through meter-high corridors and low bunker cellars, the most different film scenery, through the basketball hall and on the roof of the building with a wonderful view!

Rolls-Royce Women’s Network collects Donations for the Fliegerwerkstatt!

At this year’s Rolls-Royce employee party, the WoMen’s Network once again organized a raffle for a good cause which was dedicated to the Social Return Foundation. At the end the record sum of 753 Euro was collected and donated to our team!
At the same time we got the opportunity to present ourselves with a small booth. Because among the prices were also products of the Fliegerwerkstatt.
Many thanks to everyone who took part and especially to the team of the WoMen’s Network for the great idea and the generous donation campaign!

(Photo: Rolls-Royce Deutschland)

Great Fun at Lollapalooza Festival!

BILD hilft e.V. “Ein Herz für Kinder” thought of us when tickets for the Lollapalooza Festival were still available! Our young people from the Fliegerwerkstatt were able to spend two wonderful festival days in the Olympic Park!

Summer Party at Tempelhof Airport

For this year’s summer party at Tempelhof Airport, we moved the aircraft workshop to the apron of the airport without further ado. On more than 400 square meters we could show the whole variety of our projects.

The young people of the Fliegerwerkstatt had previously built and installed all the presentation stands for the information events in Hangar 5.





At two workbenches everyone could take part and produce his own workpiece!

The Parkours group laid their sprung floor on the apron and impressed with acrobatics.

The pupils were able to sell their products at the booth.

The Fokker became an absolute crowd-puller. During the whole day the stream of interested people did not stop!

The little ones were allowed to sit in the cockpit or let the propeller rotate. After a day in public, the Fokker comes back to the Fliegerwerkstatt and is further restored by the youngsters under the guidance of Günter Hujer.